The Spirituality of Connection

When two people meet and agree to spend their lives together, something beautiful happens. Two souls meld into one another to live a shared existence. It’s a joy that no individual can ever experience, to see the world from a completely different lens. An allowance to understand what it means to be the “other”.

Understanding your own emotion and stepping into the intuitive stillness, helps to connect and create healthy emotional response for yourself and other. A synergy for relationship to embody telepathic and compassionate connection.

The Significance of The Bond


Although many people think that there is some sort of function that marriage or relationships are supposed to fulfill. This is a very flawed understanding of what it means to be in love. It externalizes the value of the emotion and the bond between two people to be found in a social construct.

These relationships are so deeply cherished because of the profundity of the connection between two people. If you were to think about it, those who fall in love throw all caution to the wind, the moment is all that exists for them and they lose themselves in the other person.

As these distinctions fall apart, the two people form a bond that somehow seems to transcend physical limitations to feel a sense of completeness and yearning that can’t be physically fulfilled. Love and affection strike at the very core of our existence where we want to merge seamlessly with the other person.

When you meet the person you love, the rosy cheeks and the butterflies in the stomach don’t just indicate a biological response; it’s ultimately a spiritual bond. It’s why love should be celebrated, is celebrated and will always be considered a sacred union between two people.

Going Deeper Into Conventional Ideas


 Unfortunately, many people have a very cynical view of love. It comes from a need to label and explain things without appreciating that these explanations are a weak reflection of the feeling itself. True love manifests itself when you understand the very core of the person you love.

It’s an insight into the truth of your and their existence, to the extent that you know what it means to be the other person. In this sense, there is a oneness in love where two people come together to spend their lives together.

Which is why, there’s so much emphasis put on connecting with the person that you marry or decide to date. The importance of constant communication and compromise in relationships is an exercise of recognizing your own shortcomings and transforming into something that goes beyond just your individuality.

It’s discovering a truth that holds for all eternity; that individuality is a construct that stems from the mundane and true freedom is found in spiritual awareness. An awareness you will find when you fall in love.

Seeds of Satya helps people develop and strengthen their bonds of love with their significant others to create wholesome relationships. Through our spiritual and energy healing exercises and spiritual counseling in Denver, conducted at our couple’s retreats, we help couples find themselves in each other. For more information on our events or our organization visit our website now!

Kari Rivers