Healing the Wound after Betrayal: Building Trust in a New Relationship

It’s never easy to move on when your significant other betrays you. Whether if it’s through lying, infidelity or some other form of betrayal; the effects seem more significant than if a stranger did it. The reason for that is, you don’t expect something like this from your partner.

Since you never even remotely associate the idea of betrayal from them, when they actually do it; it seems like the very ground has been moved from beneath you. This almost earth shattering experience can leave deep marks that you extend to any future relationships that you form.

Although this is a way of protecting yourself, a lot of people destroy wholesome relationships because they’ve developed deep seated trust issues.

What’s The Real Problem?

What’s The Real Problem?

Imagine at this moment, if someone were to tell you that gravity isn’t real or if they said that unicorns actually exist; you’d probably wonder if they’re entirely sane. These are ideas that you can’t ever imagine to be true because that’s what you’ve believed all your life.

Your experience of reality is shaped based on these ideas and it’s how you live your life. You associate similar beliefs with your significant other. It’s a part of your belief systems that you think they would never betray you; after all, that’s why you decided to get into a relationship with them.

However, if one day you actually do see a unicorn; for one thing you’d be dumbstruck and for another you will begin to wonder what else have you thought was false when it wasn’t. Something like this also happens when you’ve been cheated on or if your previous partners lied to you multiple times.

You think everyone is a liar and therefore you will either not get into relationships to avoid the perceived inevitable pain or you will be very defensive in future relationships. Either way of living is not very healthy.

What to Do?

What to Do?

When we go through traumatic life experiences, we have an unfortunate habit of generalizing what we’ve learned from those experiences. This learning process forces us to begin acting in certain ways which aren’t necessarily healthy.

This is where spiritual healing comes into play. The guiding principle behind spiritual healing is to help people realize their relationships with other people and recognize a context for their lives. In the process of learning how their lives correlate to the functioning of the universe; they find it easier to move on from their past experiences.

Spiritual healing involves understanding your own existence, your purpose in life and roots of your actions. With this understanding you can understand how and why you were hurt; make the decision of whether you want that hate to continue dictating your life and how to fix yourself.

Spiritual healing can help you move on.

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Kari Rivers