Healing Process

At SEEDS OF SATYA the answers come from that place within you that is experientially undeniable. Kari guides you to find what is waiting for you to discover, release and reclaim using a multimodal approach to healing that ignites one's evolution and expansion toward ultimate wholeness and divine purpose. We offer spiritual healing services with highly-qualified and experienced healers in Denver, Co at Seeds of Satya.  


Shamanic Lightwork

You relax into the frequency of emotion, I intuitively track into the multi-dimensional energetic cringes living within you, giving space for you to claim your divine power and essence, transporting you into a new way of seeing, hearing and existing within your body and relating to the world, seen and unseen.

Depth Hypnosis

You surrender into the cosmos of your body, I guide you to trust and follow your intuition opening you to receive all of your truth and power that was once unconsciously scattered to the wind, and is now ready to be claimed and utilized: changing your relationship to yourself, your loved ones and everything around you, seen and unseen. 

Please note, This is so much more than Hypnotherapy. It's time to learn from your story and let it go so you can move into your most powerful state of being.

Spiritual Guidance

Breaking down our barriers takes courage, vulnerability, dedication and a cultivation of awareness.  Kari not only intuitively guides you into an understanding of your multi-dimensional inner landscape, but also helps pinpoint insights that may not be so evident for you at the time, providing valuable information and practices that support you on your evolutionary path to freedom and wholeness. 


Sound Healing

Sound is the language and essence of creation. Kari incorporates high-vibrational sound healing into sessions using voice, medicine drums, wind drums, tibetan bowls, bells and rattles.  This helps your body and mind to release further states of stagnant energy, receive guidance, and call in new energetic blue prints for soul growth.  Clients find that they are transported into an entirely new dimension of spaciousness, release and arrival into healing, inspiration and creativity.  


We are all meditating, but what we are meditating on makes all the difference in the world.  In your work at SEEDS OF SATYA, we cultivate awareness of your highest truths, calling back in your divine essence, power and igniting your energetic vibration and vitality, however the work does not stop here. There are many rungs to climb, many realizations to be had, thus creating a meditation practice at home is essential for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being and growth.  



Heal In Nature

Mother nature is a mirror of our inherent being. SEEDS OF SATYA mission is to help you expand into conscious relationship with yourself and everything around you.  There's no better place than to do this than within the beauty and powerful healing energy of the natural phenomena. It's what I like to call "Earthing into Truth".  If you are interested in individual sessions in nature, please reach out. I have various special locations I work from in CO  and NC for private sessions. I am also happy to travel to you if there is a location near Denver/Golden area that you feel called to work in.