Understanding the Healing Power of Shamanism

An all-encompassing practice of self-healing that cuts through all creeds, faiths and cultures, shamanism is a belief system that predates even the earliest of established religions.

With its own cosmology and symbolism, shamanism is nevertheless, a spiritual practice that actually appears with the same characteristics, but with different faces, inhabiting gods, totems and beings that represent the multiplicity of oneness that we are all apart of. Over the millennia, shamanism has gained popularity, for it was the first spiritual path of our ancestors, and is the basis of all religions which has been infused within the tapestry of formalized religions throughout the world due to colonization.

The basis of shamanism is that we are one with nature, one with the cosmos. It teaches that we are not separate from one another, or the rhythms of nature, our ancestors, our future children, and the Great Spirit that breathes life into all. The guiding principles of Shamanism is to connect oneself to the spirit, the impermanent sense of all things. When there is disharmony in one’s being, Shamans look to inquire within to find how and where in the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies the imbalance took place bringing in a reconciliation and healing of spirit through communicating with the unseen aspects of consciousness. Herbs, crystals, plant medicines, drumming, dance, breath, song and prayer are often used to infuse higher vibrations into the energetic body.

Shamanism is sought out as a solution for one’s everyday problems, which may range from professional and personal challenges. Many seek shamanic assistance due to illness, ancestral problems, energetic interferences, unresolved grief, guidance of a soul during death, blessing a new home, land blessings. etc.

Seeking Help through Shamanism—the Benefits

Shamanic healing excels in aiding people who’s energy has been fragmented due to a difficult or perceived hardship. By working in the unseen sprit realms, there is a reconciliation and awareness that occurs within the person involved, which works to bring back the energy of one’s soul essence that was released during particular life experiences.

Healing is a multi-level process that requires us to continually sift through the energetic layers that arise, releasing negative energies that accumulate within the energy body as an attempt to protect. Once released, then this provides room for the return of original divine essence. With this knowledge, there’s a reason why it can take several sessions to make some headway. Regardless, the process is very worthwhile and effective, and brings about a total shift in one’s reality, especially when one becomes an interactive participant in their healing within their daily and moment by moment life experience.

Does Shamanic Healing Even Work?

Does Shamanic Healing Even Work?

Great healing and a tangible difference can be felt in one session, however their are layers within each of our processes of healing. Keeping in mind that shamanic healing is not a one-size-fits-all practice. Individualized to every person and their specific issue, this practice takes time, so each person goes through a different experience. Some might feel a great shift in their first session, others feel difference in just a few sessions, whereas others might need more accumulative attention from their healer.

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