Standing at the Precipice

Have you ever stood at the precipice, feeling an old part of yourself, a falsivity dying in the midst of all that you love, all that you are so grateful for? Taken once again into another unfolding of self. Fully aware of the unraveling and crumble of multi-dimensional spaces in time. A simultaneous experience of the old going and the new coming. 

Unless you have been there, then it is most difficult to understand, but it is a part of our journey in awakening to our truth. It's the corner stops of fully embracing the wild rides of life which demands every bit of our presence in order let go of our control. It is an aspect of our spiritual human evolution that we all will eventually face.  An enormous lesson book of mastering the art of trust and surrender. A climb through caves of awareness and experience that reveal promises of the dissolution of mind and ego with each turn. Creating space between the idea of us and the operations of the mind. A photo-book of our illusional reflection of personal identity. A greater arrival into the heart of truthful being, with the ability to see how happiness is entrenched in unhappiness. Lessons that stretch you into greater compassion and less judgments, with a knowing that it is only our inner freedom that allows us to experience pleasure within the sharp edges of life. The messy moments that mold and carve the river that flows across the vast ocean into the shore of God-dess.  Awakening within our being that which we no longer take ownership of.  A release into wider, deeper and higher spaces of heart filled presence. 

"Let go and trust the process

You are loved beyond measure. 

Supported by a massive unseen force that loves and surrounds you. 

There are far greater things going on here.

Far greater than you could ever imagine. 

Trust. Let go and Trust. 

Stand firmly rooted in this earthquaking moment. This too shall pass.

Focus my lover and find the frequency of Love within you.

You are beyond your greatest imagination. 

Be, Just Be Sweet Child of Mine. Feel every uncomfortable moment. Do not distance. Relax and breathe as deeply as you can. For I am molding you experience by experience, initiation by initiation, into my instrument.

Center and Soar into Me."

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Kari Rivers