Anxiety, Depression and Catharsis through Meditation

Meditation is fundamentally an exercise of the mind. People who regularly meditate have greater focus, clarity and can manage their stress much better than people who don’t. The reason for this being that those who regularly attempt to exert greater control of their minds have a deeper understanding of their own thought processes.

Ultimately, mood disorders like anxiety and depression are symptoms of underlying trauma Psychotherapy has very similar goals compared to those of meditation; to help patients develop the self-awareness and consciousness to recognize their own trauma and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a collection of exercises that involve controlling your breathing patterns, your thoughts and focusing on the moment to develop a greater degree of awareness of your surroundings. In addition to this, meditation exercises progress towards exerting greater control over your body; involving relaxing your body, your mind to help you relax.

In its final stages, when you’ve begun to master your own body and mind; the exercises turn towards self-reflection and analyzing your own thoughts to help overcome your depression and anxiety. As you begin to analyze your own experiences and though process, you involuntarily start identifying problematic behaviors and thoughts.

With this awareness, if you can also control your reaction to your thoughts, you will have successfully overcome your conditions as well.

Self-Reflection and the Subconscious

Self-Reflection and the Subconscious

The roots of mood disorders lie past experiences that force us to develop faulty and destructive perceptions of the world. When you go through hurtful or painful experiences, your mind automatically tries to explain why it happened. It constructs an image of the world that would explain how the events played out which would explain your experiences.

As it generalizes these new assumptions, your behaviors and your thoughts start following the same path to develop into full blown anxiety or depression. A lot of times, many people force themselves to believe in an account of events that’s hardly true. Instead of resolving their issues, they repress them.

When this repression can no longer hold back their sadness or pain they react to their injuries. Reactions that we call depression or anxiety.

The self-reflection prescribed by meditation can help you develop the focus to understand your own thoughts and ideas. With this ability, you can develop a deeper understanding of your troubles and traumas.

Meditation and Catharsis

Meditation and Catharsis

Ultimately, the only way you can ever find relief is if you can resolve these underlying issues. A simple way of looking at it is to come to terms with whatever trauma you went through. This can only happen if you express you hurt or you realize that this is a random instance that has no bearing on you or your life.

In this process you let go of your anger, sadness and slowly move on from your past instead of letting it define you.

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Kari Rivers